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Private Media Channels

How do you reach multiple audiences more consistently on a cost effective basis?

How do you know if your sales marketing, corporate or employee communications program are being viewed and the audiences understand the message?

How do you extend outside of your company’s intranet to those audience members who are traveling or in remote locations?

As a program producer with over thirty-five years of experience, I was researching solutions to these important distribution questions. I can now offer a great new “Private Media Channel” solutions to my clients through my partnership with Ignite Technologies. High quality full screen video media with great sound. Why settle for small screen, fuzzy, or tinny sounding media when you can have the best?

Ignite provides the industry’s most secure and scalable Content Delivery Solution, enabling customers to efficiently publish, deliver, and manage digital assets–from rich media content for training and communications to software patches and virus updates–to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Ignite’s solution, which has been described as “Digital FedEx for the Enterprise,” can fundamentally change the economics of communicating with employees, and partners. By leveraging Ignite’s solution, organizations have effectively deployed a unique, secure “Private Broadcast Network” to deliver any type of content, including full-screen, HD-quality video and other multi-media, high-impact communications.

Ignite enables your content to reach employees around the globe with comprehensive security, targeting, tracking, and reporting. We work with industry leaders such as Accenture, Bank of America, Canon, KPMG, McDonald’s and Miller Coors. Initiatives range from distributing rich-media corporate communications, expanding training and education programs, or assisting IT with ensuring security and system compliance.

Private Media Channels can be easily accomplished utilizing our partnership with Ignite Technologies. Please visit their website for a quick overview. Then, let’s sit down for a discussion about launching your own private media network delivering high quality media solutions to inform, educate, promote or motivate your audiences.

Call Ron McCoy 612-627-9253 to arrange a presentation or to receive more information on this new powerful media distribution tool.

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