McCoy and Associates, Inc.
  • Strategic business goals that require sophisticated communications tactics

    Ron McCoy’s full service, single-source solutions include project design, development, production and distribution. As a creative resources partner, McCoy can support your existing staff, help expand your marketing reach, and grow your business to new heights.

    • Well-designed solutions through creative group facilitation process
    • Concept and script development, vendor selection and resource management through production and post-production and distribution phases
  • Multimedia solutions that require cost-effective execution

    Video, multi-media, or new media projects often require specialized production and direction. While the project design may be ready, the appropriate staffs are not available to assist in the production process.

    • Cost effective, knowledgeable resources to help define technical parameters
    • Specialized expertise for significant projects
    • Best available staff works on your project
    • Experienced alternative distribution solutions like Private Media Channels
  • Top-notch leadership and consultation on media projects

    When outsourcing production of your media projects is the best alternative or whether you have project management in-house, there comes a time when you need experience and expertise.

    • Detailed attention to budgets, with project management and tracking software
    • Development of project management procedures and client relationships
    • Production and post edit workflow cycle design and documentation
    • Best practices formulation and discussions
  • Insights

    • Motivate, Promote, Educate, Excite

      McCoy can help you meet your communication objectives in a professional cost-effective manner. Marketing, Sales & Training Programs Traditional linear video program production Interactive new media, CD, DVD and website. Direct response broadcast projects for a major retailer Sales training and employee communications projects for food, financial services firms and health care management firms Corporate […]

    • Media That Inspires Results
  • McCoy Process

    • Strategic Communications Solutions

      Great video production tools and resources work successfully when they are properly managed in a comprehensive media communication or marketing plan. The attitude of “shoot first and ask questions later” doesn’t cut it in today’s budget conscience, complex media environment. The amateur authenticity of “you tube-style” shaky, under lite, poor sound, fuzzy video is not […]

McCoy and Associates, Inc.