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Great video production tools and resources work successfully when they are properly managed in a comprehensive media communication or marketing plan.

shootThe attitude of “shoot first and ask questions later” doesn’t cut it in today’s budget conscience, complex media environment. The amateur authenticity of “you tube-style” shaky, under lite, poor sound, fuzzy video is not the solution. Genuine video communication should still be high quality, respect your audience! Today’s media production tools do offer some cost savings when used appropriately. However, the communication strategy should be developed before the tactical production efforts are engaged. For example, The Why and What of your project should be defined before the How and When gets launched. It sounds pretty simple, measure twice and cut once, but you may be surprised at how fast the tactical actions get rolling before outcomes are defined and a concept/treatment and script confirmed. Often the “fix-it-in-edit” mentality is the solution as a simple concept gets cobbled together because of bad planning. This is where an experienced video professional can assist you in developing your media communications plan and tactical production process and help evaluate the best distribution solution, from social media apps, to web sites, to internet and intranet streaming video with new private media channels, to CD and DVDs,

Ron McCoy can assist your Marketing or Communication Directors, Advertising or Public Relations agencies in this critical design strategy while helping you achieve the most cost effective media production tactical solutions possible. Call Ron @ 612-627-9253 or email thru the contact form on this site.

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McCoy and Associates, Inc.