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What We Do

McCoy & Associates, a custom program production resource.

Our goal is to design a cost effective program that utilizes your budget resources wisely. Some clients engage us for consulting services to help prepare budget estimates. Our program productions contain the following components:

Design and Development:

Real McCoy Solutions

We present creative concepts and treatments to reflect the desired style, method or program approach for your custom solution. Budget plays a primary role in determining concept and treatment outcomes. Design includes graphic standards or treatments for transitional elements, navigational menus for web and DVD as well as labels and packaging. Design and Development engages Executive Producer, Scriptwriter, Director of Photography, Editor, and Graphic Designer services. We encourage a strong design and development phase prior to expending production and editing resources.

 Program Production:

Location Spokesperson session

In this stage, we execute the projects plans and scripts approved in the design phase. If the program design calls for employee or executive interviews, we engage an initial interview and transcription process that provides our scriptwriter with actual sound bites for script development. Production can include studio or location video recording, graphics, special effects or animation, sound narrative recording and music selection. Location production crews consist of Director, Videographer, Sound recorder, make-up artists, grips and production assistants.

Program Editorial:

Producer Editor in Session

In this stage, McCoy assembles the project based on approved script and design parameters. Our post-production environment utilizes non-linear computer based editing. Original video and sound assets are digitized and a computer interface timeline is developed reflecting video images, name supers, text overlays, graphics, transitions, music and special effects. This fluid timeline provides instant review and approval opportunities for a variety of editorial decisions. Once a sequence is approved, we strike review & approval DVDs or post Flash or WMV flies for final approval. Upon final content approval, a DVD authoring phase is engaged that includes, encoding, authoring navigational menus, emulation and testing and preview replication. Our projects are being distributed on CD, DVD as well as Web flash videos.

Replication and Distribution:

Replication CD

In this stage, McCoy coordinates and schedules program replication. CD or DVD-R duplication can be done for limited runs, 1-250. We outsource replication of larger runs, 250-10,000 to our vendor partner ADS  that stamps rather than burns media discs. Packaging can be coordinated through established printer relationships or we can also handle design and printing of sleeves, cases or mailers. Additional Distribution options include web video compression to flash formats, MP4s, Windows Media Video Player or Quicktime formats for PowerPoint presentations, web desktops, tablets and smart phones.


In this stage, we work with clients to determine the overall program’s success by engaging analytical tools; surveys, focus groups, or feedback channels. We are committed to producing cost effective, targeted programs that both meet your program’s criteria but also inspire lasting results.

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McCoy and Associates, Inc.