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Colleges and Universities have a challenge educating today’s college student in the area of personal safety and security. Increasing safety topic complexity and decreasing time and resources are some of the key issues. How do you communicate important and sometimes life changing personal safety information to a Millennial audience that demands authenticity? How do you reach a mobile audience in both orientation programs and throughout their time at school? How do colleges meet these objectives and also take on the responsibility for mandatory federal requirements for student, faculty and staff training.


Engage McCoy & Associates to produce a compelling multi-chapter 60 minute DVD program that features an age appropriate on-camera host, extensive dramatic sequences, and real student interviews. Subject matter experts from the personal safety/security discipline and the psychological field round out this exciting program designed to be the cornerstone for educating the Millennial Generation and other members of the campus community. This project was recently updated in 2014 to an interactive online solution for Title IX compliance featuring new modules for extensive education on Sexual Assaults, Misconduct, Religious, Racial and Sexual Orientation Discrimination all focused toward Building Community to create a Safe and Healthy
College Campus


Colleges and Universities have embraced the program and it’s new online course delivery system.. Students have been impressed with the program and have commented on the current themes and content with real world scenarios, information and most importantly, specific tactics to stay safe at college and build a respectful community supporting a healthy campus environment. Administrators appreciate the online participant tracking and performance data.

Rodnie Williams, President, 360 Stay Safe
” Ron McCoy provided me with great producer services from scripting through production, to DVD and Intranet distribution. His attention to detail and overall creative and technical expertise helped me launch the video components of my 360 Stay Safe at College program and distributed it to 100s of colleges and universities. I’d highly recommend Ron and McCoy & Associates as a value added team member on your next project. Ron was instrumental in updating our series in 2014 as we extended or compliance training program offerings”

Josh Peterson Project Manager, 360 Stay Safe
“Ron and his team deliver consistent, highest-quality products. Throughout the course of a long and complex project with a very diverse set of stakeholders, Ron provided critical expertise in the video production process. It was a relief to be able to give Ron strategic-level guidance and then turn it over to him to execute, knowing that we’d get great returns. Ron has been a key part of our team’s success”



Zurich International



The Insurance Risk Assessment industry is complex especially relating to contractors and subcontractors in the building sector. How to create a comprehensive training program for Risk Assessment investigators with real world experiences and situations.


Create a believable video story with numerous vendor and subcontractor relationships. Find a realistic warehouse site and prop it into a construction site meeting room, manager’s office and an “accident waiting to happen”.  Combing a cast of professional actors, stunt doubles with real dialogue captured with multiple cameras provided a valuable learning experience and teaching tool. The DVD is built around chapters and learning modules for a robust classroom experience.


The workshop feedback was extremely positive, with numerous comments about the credibility of the scenarios. The professional actors portrayed both the manager’s and contractor’s roles. This modeling with a follow-up group discussion on proper procedures to resolve conflicts helped to communicate the proper accident scene investigation process Zurich was looking for.

Gary Wall, Risk Engineering Manager, ZNA
” This was a great experience for me. Ron and his team, took an empty industrial site and made it into a great working space for our multiple scenarios. All of the scenes were positive, “real world” situations for my audience. Ron’s attention to detail ranged from great casting and talent, to engaging the right director, to providing prompters, props, wardrobe and of course, the fabulous meal breaks. I can see all of those production values really show up on the screen. I’m very pleased with the DVD and now better understand what a vital role a professional producer and production resource play in developing successful media courseware. Do what you do best and hire the pros at McCoy & Associates to make you and your project look even better!”


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