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Employee Value Proposition, UnitedHealthcare


How do you communicate to a large, diverse internal audience new Employee Value Proposition concepts? The message must be authentic for employees showing both management support and “real world” examples of the values being encouraged and engaged day to day. The format must be consistent, high quality and deliverable across the entire company.


Engage Ron McCoy and his team to produce a modular DVD project that communicates our executive’s message and shows various short stories featuring our employee’s commitment to our values. Launched with an executive introduction summary by leadership, the DVD features seven modules that can be used to launch interactive meeting discussions. Employees talk about their specific value propositions and how values and practices impact their daily activities.


This approach helped UHC bring our values to life through the words of our own employees and also ensured that our value messages, their importance and meaning, were consistently presented across our large geographically dispersed employee audience.

Matt Peterson, Chief Administrative Officer, UnitedHealthcare
“Ron McCoy has helped us develop a number of communication initiatives since 1998.  His creative guidance and professional expertise has been instrumental in helping us produce cost effective video projects ranging from employee benefit communications, to new program introductions, to monthly and quarterly video communication programs.  Though his producer services our projects have been consistently effective with targeted videos that reaching across our multiple audiences.”

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