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Target Broadcast DVD & Media Library Project


As a one of the leading retailers in the country, how do you manage your TV commercial archives and access thousands of television commercials for creative discussion sessions, presentations, educational review and agency management? What’s the best medium for archival storage and presentation? How do you cost effectively update the spot inventory and offer advertising department producers online resource tools in a unified web-based project management site?


Engage Ron McCoy and his team of experts to design and develop a DVD resource library that offers simple menu and chronological click through access to five decades of television commercial production assets. Then to improve and expand on the timely posting of spots as they are produced, Ron with the help of his technology vendor, The Richard Diercks Company, transformed the DVD library into an online website resource with extensive search capabilities and comprehensive project management  and scheduling tools.


Target Broadcast now enjoys a robust web archive site with over 2000 commercials spanning 45 years of broadcast commercial production. Search optimization enables key words, title, campaign, agency and talent searches. Online tools assist staff producers with management and scheduling tasks. Target Media Library is constantly being updated as new TV, web and radio spots are completed. Executives, research associates, creative directors and agencies now have a dynamic, single source resource link to the creative advertising world at Target. In 2014,  the website was enhanced to become AD-ID compliant regarding the assignment of specific tracking codes for each of Target’s broadcast media assets.

Nancy Shellum, Broadcast Specialist, Target MMP
“I’ve worked with Ron since we launched the initial DVD library back in 1998. His understanding of our needs and recommended technology solutions helped us reach our goal faster to deliver this great resource initially as a DVD library and now a more dynamic On line Media Library and Project Management website. I found Ron’s strategies and quick thinking extremely valuable in helping us fine tune the project as we added more media capacity and improved resource tools for our staff producers. Ron is a wonderful, responsive resource you would be proud to have on your next project.” Web commercials


UnitedHealthcare, Helping People Lead Healthier lives is America’s leading  provider of health care services and is committed to changing health care  through outstanding service, valuable products and measurable savings.  The  commercials demonstrate how tools, resources and socially responsible online  delivery can help drive member engagement and behavior change for better decisions and health.

Program’s objectives include;
-Create a  fresh take on; a vehicle with stopping power that differentiates  UnitedHealthcare from its competitors.
-Demonstrate UnitedHealthcare’s  desire to partner with employers to drive employee engagement and influence  positive behavior change for lower health care costs and a healthier employee  population.
-Message to employers: “UnitedHealthcare is cutting edge.  Their online delivery materials make it easy to promote health and wellness to  our employees.
-Message to consumers: “ is not just another Web  site. It’s a ‘space’ to explore health & wellness, engage in  customized programs and receive and respond to personal health information in  an eco-friendly way through online delivery.”
-Campaign must be expandable  to internet, intranets, hyperlink in e-newsletters


McCoy provided both a creative solution and streamlined media production process to engage our target audience through a unique presentation format utilizing dynamic visuals  that supported the communication plan. The program’s message was  specifically tailored to both consumer and employer audiences. Scripted testimonial comments and website screen shots presented by an on-camera  spokesperson, helped communicate the site’s features and benefits. The  program’s professional talent and graphic treatments conveyed the high quality concept that matched the product.  The Consumer version and Employer version are available on line.


2010 Platinum Award Winners

Commercials have achieved  impressive results, maintaining a steady stream of page views in the first  five months and ongoing.  In addition, they are attributed to helping  increase subscribers with online delivery over 25% in the five months since  launch.

Carolyn Alvia Tice, UnitedHealthcare Operations Advocacy | Marketing & Communications
“The online delivery commercials have generated lots of talk and  compliments both internally and from our customers and clients. Ron McCoy and his team produced a home run for us, delivering the tone and mood  that we were seeking and finished pieces that have our customers asking for  more. Working with Ron and his team was a very collaborative and enjoyable experience with Ron at the helm ensuring the project stayed on track and on budget. We are very pleased.”

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